Thursday, January 07, 1999

Yong Teck Lee Keeps Singing A Different Tune
Wed, 07 Jan 1998

It was revealed in court yesterday that about 5 million acres of forest
was signed away to companies through FMUs by Yong Teck Lee leaving only
about 800,000 hectares of 2nd class forest.

No criteria was set! How are requirements to be enforced? How were the
companies chosen? Why the hurry? Why 100 years?

The 'Jungle-Cabinet' of Yong (Ghapur Salleh, Pandikar and Yong) decided
on the recepients without even considering the then Conservator of
Forest's views and input - infact he was technically sacked and sent off
on a 'timbuctoo-journey' to a non-existent post in a non-government
entity. Why? Was Ag.Tengah, the then Conservator and (court-rulling)
still the rightful one, in Yong's way?

Were the NBT shares bought by Warisan Harta actually kick-backs from
certain parties (recepients of FMU schemes) to Yong and his associates
in the 'jungle-cabinet'?

It might explain why the MAD RUSH by Warisan Harta to purchase the
shares before they crashed and made the 'kick-backs' worthless.
Yong has still to explain the privatisation of government vehicles to
Angkatan Hebat to cut costs. He was the Finance Minister then.
The government has ended-up spending 4 to 5 times the amount previously
spent by the government.What kind of ECONOMICS was that?

His 'group' obviously has 30% interest in Angkatan Hebat.
But Yong Teck Lee refuses to give explainations!
He his more concerned in attacking his critics in any and all ways he
can - threatening them and sueing them (sounds familiar?).

One wonders whether the objective of the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) in
Malaysia is to go after the culprits or find ways to clear culprits with
political connections?!?

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