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Rape! Rape! Rape!

While the government, the police, the NGOs are still arguing on what’s the best punishment for rapist, rape cases keep piling up. When they are not the victims, they only know how to talk without realising the importance of time. Time safe lives.

Take a look at the rape cases in Sabah. News courtesy of Daily Express.

16 February, 2001
Victim: 16

Kota Kinabalu: A 16-year-old student still unconscious at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's Intensive Care Unit has been confirmed to have been raped, it was reliably learnt.

The victim from Keningau and a student of SMK Bingkor, sustained serious injuries after falling from the second floor of the Inanam Commercial Centre building Tuesday afternoon.

She was believed to have tried to escape from three males. It was earlier reported that she was from Penampang but it is possible that she had been residing there.

Police have yet make any arrest but are still investigating.

The victim was said to have gone upstairs with the males to what was believed to be a drug den. She was found clad in a sarong and was rushed to the hospital by several coffee shop patrons when they went to investigate a loud thud.

05 April, 2001
Victim: 19

Kota Kinabalu: A 19-year-old local alleged she was raped by an unidentified man who claimed to be looking for her "husband" over a debt at her uncle's quarters at Kolombong, near here, Tuesday afternoon.

The stranger was also alleged to have threatened the victim with a spanner, before fleeing with a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of money from the house.

Confirming the case Wednesday, District Police Chief ACP Hamdan Hj Mohd said the victim, who was staying with her relative, was sleeping alone during the 3pm incident.

"She woke up upon hearing someone knocking at the door and went to open it, thinking it could be her uncle or auntie," said Hamdan.

However, she was confronted by an unidentified man who claimed he was looking for her husband regarding a debt.

When the victim told the stranger she was not married, he rushed in, grabbed her neck and forced her into a room before raping her.

"The victim claimed the stranger even threatened her with a spanner," he said.

Hamdan said the suspect managed to grab a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of money before fleeing. A relative accompanied her to lodge a police report at 9.30pm.

20 May, 2001
Victim: 25

Sandakan: A 25-year-old primary school teacher was rushed to hospital after being raped and shot along Jalan Yun Chun, off Jalan Sibuga, Saturday. Her condition was reported to be serious.

It was learnt that the victim, who resides in Taman Mawar, was heading in her car towards Jalan Yun Chun (next to Jalan Ulu Sibuga) for tuition when stopped by two men, one of whom was armed with a pistol, at about 1pm.

The victim was dragged towards some bushes where she was raped twice, it was learnt. The rapists also looted RM70 from the victim before shooting her in the stomach.

The victim still managed to walk out of the bushes before being rushed to the Duchess of Kent hospital by a passer-by.

A police party led by SIO ASP Dennis Leong rushed to the scene upon being alerted. Also at the scene was OCPD ACP Hashim Mohd Yusof.

Investigations are under way, including whether the suspected assailants were foreigners.

13 June, 2001
Victim: 22

Kota Kinabalu: A 22-year-old college student was gang-raped by three foreigners who threatened her with a parang after breaking into her bungalow here early Tuesday. She was sleeping alone in the living room then.

An alert neighbour warned police at 4.45am, resulting in the arrest of two of the Filipino suspects, aged 22 and 30, while they were walking along the road near the victim's house at 5am, about two hours after the incident.

Police also recovered the victim's Identity Card (IC) and a parang from a bag from one of the suspects. They also led to the recovery of two electrical items placed among some bushes which they had stolen from the victim's house.

Confirming this here, City Police Chief ACP Hamdan Hj Mohamad said police are looking for the third culprit, 35.

"There was a slight cut in the victim's neck believed caused by the parang," he said.

Investigations showed the suspects gained entry through the kitchen by forcing open the iron grille and sliding window. They went inside the back compound after cutting the fences using pliers.

The victim, who was alone because her parents were out-station, returned home from college at 7pm on Monday.

After taking her bath and dinner, she sat on a sofa in the living room and watched television until she fell asleep.

At 3am she was shocked to find a man standing in front of her and pointing a parang to her neck. The others used a towel to gag her mouth and tied her hands with a scarf.

"The men then took turns to rape her on the sofa before fleeing with a video player and a hi-fi system," said Hamdan.

The girl screamed for help after the suspects left and this awakened her neighbour. Three mobile police units cordoned off the area upon being alerted and found the suspects, both construction workers, with the items.

"The suspects hid some of the stolen goods to pick them up later," said Hamdan.

The two suspects are also believed to be involved in other housebreaking cases in the area.

Police believe the suspects actually intended to steal but turned their attention on the victim upon finding her alone.

"There was a slight cut in the victim's neck believed caused by the parang," he said.

07 July, 2001
Victim: 17

Sandakan: A 17-year-old local has been remanded five days to facilitate investigations into the rape-cum-murder of a five-year-old schoolgirl at Kampung Sibuga Besar, some 10km from here, on Thursday.

District police chief ACP Hashim Mohd Yusof said the suspect was apprehended by villagers alerted by news of the missing girl who failed to return home, usually between 4pm and 6pm, after finishing her Koran classes at a nearby surau.

Several people claimed to have seen the suspect bringing the girl into a swamp area not far from the kampung, he added.

The naked and muddied body of Siti Nadirah Buda was found hidden among some pieces of wood in the bush by police who were alerted by a missing person report lodged at about 8.30pm the same day.

The deceased's clothings were recovered under a tree, some 50 metres from where the body was found. She was believed to have been raped before she was killed.

According to Hashim, the girl's father mounted a search party with the help of several villagers when his daughter failed to return home at the usual time after attending Koran classes.

Others who saw the suspect and the girl together earlier alerted the search party.

They apprehended the suspect and handed him over to the police, after which he led them to the scene where the victim's body was hidden.

Hashim said the deceased had been sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital for a post mortem.

In another development, 138 Indonesians, including children were rounded up during a police operation codenamed "Ops Bersih" at a Telupid plantation, on Wednesday.

The foreigners, aged five to 40 years, were found without any valid identification. They were fast alseep when a police party swooped in on them at 3am.

Ramli said they would be sent to the Sandakan temporary detention centre for deportation.

27 July, 2001
Victim: 14

Kota Kinabalu: Police here are looking for a 29-year-old soldier from Kota Belud to assist investigations into the alleged rape of a 14-year-old schoolgirl thrice this month.

Confirming this here Thursday, City Police Chief ACP Hamdan Hj Mohamad said it was based on a report lodged by the victim, who was accompanied by her unsatisfied parents, Wednesday.

In her report, the victim told police the suspect is her boyfriend of two months.

"She said the first incident happened on July 10 when she followed him to check into a lodging house here, while the second and last happened in Tanjung Aru on July 14 and last Friday," said Hamdan.

He said the victim's parents suspected something amiss and forced her to tell them the basis of her relationship with the suspect, before accompanying her to lodge a report.

Hamdan advised young girls, especially schoolgirls, to be extra careful about people they became acquainted with in a short period to avoid becoming prey to rapists.

21 September, 2001
Victim: 15

Penampang: What was supposed to be a pleasant reunion for a 15-year-old local girl, from Tenghilan, with her former employer turned out to be her worst experience when she was allegedly raped in a hotel along Jalan Penampang on Monday.

Fortunately the victim's younger sister, who accompanied her to have lunch with the Pakistani suspect, managed to escape and lock herself inside a bathroom in the 2pm incident.

The victim managed to join her sister in the bathroom as the suspect was resting after the alleged incident, and they both escaped through a window.

The victim then lodged a police report the following morning.

Confirming the case Thursday, District Police Chief DSP Joseph Jolis Jikiun said no arrest was made so far.

He urged those who have information on the suspect's whereabouts to contact the district police headquarters at 088-712222.

He said the suspect, in his 40s, previously owned a sundry shop in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu.

Relating her ordeal, the victim told police she and her sister were inside Khidmat Supermarket in the city at around noon on Monday when they met the suspect.

The sisters had just arrived in the State Capital from Tenghilan.

After a while, the suspect invited both of them to have lunch at the hotel.

After lunch, the suspect invited the victim and her sister to a room upstairs.

While inside, the victim said the suspect immediately locked the door and attempted to grab both but the younger sister managed to escape into the bathroom.

The victim claimed she was then raped.

30 October, 2001
Victim: 20

Kota Kinabalu: A 20-year-old mentally disabled woman was gang-raped thrice by two local men who worked at her grandmother's house along Jalan Tuaran here, since the middle of this month.

However, their secret lasted only for 12 days after the victim told her 49-year-old mother about the incident that allegedly took place at the bedroom and bathroom of the house on Oct 16 and last Friday.

Shocked over this, the mother immediately lodged a police report on Saturday.

City Police Chief ACP Hamdan Hj Mohamad said Monday police picked up the suspects, aged 26 and 40, the same day after the report was lodged. They were detained for further investigations.

Hamdan said the mother told police in her report that the incidents happened while her daughter was under the care of her grandmother.

She said she always sent her daughter to the grandmother's house when she went to work.

Hamdan also said police also arrested a 22-year-old local man on Saturday after 340 plastic tubes believed to contain codeine-laced cough syrup were found inside his car when it was stopped for inspection at a roadblock along the coastal highway at 8.30pm.

The suspect is being detained for further investigations while the suspected drug has been sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis.

18 January, 2002
Victim: 11

Kudat: A 42-year-old farmer who has been allegedly raping his daughter, 11, at home since 1998 has been arrested and police are looking for his younger brother – the uncle – for the same offence.

Disclosing this here Thursday, District Police Chief DSP Abdul Majid Mahmud said the suspect was arrested soon after the girl lodged a report accompanied by her aunt at 10am Thursday.

The aunt is the younger sister of the suspects. The victim could not lodge a report earlier because she was threatened by both suspects.

Police declined to reveal the village to protect the identity of the victim who is still in school.

She has been placed under the care of her aunt.

In her report, the girl claimed she was raped by both whenever her mother went out. The father is detained under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code for investigations.

In a separate case, a civil servant from Kg Paku, Matunggong, lodged a report after finding his shotgun missing from his house while he and his family were away in Kota Kinabalu.

The victim claimed that he discovered his house had been burgled when they returned late Wednesday night and found the shotgun and some jewellery missing.

Abdul Majid urged those having information on the incident to alert the nearest police station.

28 April, 2002
Victim: 36

Kota Kinabalu: A 36-year-year Indonesian woman was allegedly raped by a Timorese on the second floor of a building under construction at Kuala Menggatal, near here, on Thursday night.

Confirming the incident Saturday, City Police Chief ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad said the woman was found unconscious inside the building by a security guard at about 7.50.

He said the woman suffered several wounds on her head, believed caused by hard objects.

According to Hamdan, a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who examined the woman confirmed the victim had been raped.

The victim later told police that she did not know the assailant who was seen twice in the area.

Hamdan, however, did not reveal how and why the woman was in the building.

Meanwhile, Hamdan also said 27 Timorese men were up during an operation at the construction site at around 4am Saturday, but police have yet to ascertain if any of them was the rapist.

01 October, 2002
Victim: 9

Tawau: Police have detained a 14-year-old Indonesian boy for the alleged rape of a 9-year-old girl in front of her younger brother in an undergrowth near the town area here last weekend.

District Police Chief, ACP Quik Harris OKK Anik, said the suspect had been remanded for three days to facilitate investigations.

According to him, initial investigation revealed the suspect met the victim, who at that time was accompanying her 8-year-old brother to attend a religious class in the town area, at 6.30pm on Saturday.

He then invited the victim and her brother to accompany him to a nearby area to collect a badminton racquet.

Being acquainted with the boy, the victim did not suspect anything and complied with his request.

Upon reaching the bushes some 25 meters away from the main road, the victim complained she was tired and could not walk any further.

The suspect carried the victim to a secluded spot where he raped her in front of the brother.

He then asked her for some money and warned her against relating the incident to anyone before running off.

She only related her ordeal the following day to her parents who demanded to know what had happened after noticing her change behaviour.

Following a report lodged by the victim’s parents, police picked up the suspect in the town area at about 9.45pm the same day.

10 November, 2002
Victim: 13

Beluran: A 13-year-old local girl was sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan on Saturday for medical examination after being allegedly raped by her father.

The victim, who is said to be pregnant, lodged a police report on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old local was made poorer by RM10,000 after his house in Taman Mawar, Sandakan, was broken into on Friday.

Chin Sui Foh, who had withdrawn the money from a bank, had planned to go on a holiday with his children.

23 November, 2002
Victim: 17

Kota Kinabalu: The mystery serial molester in a white Proton Iswara has struck again, but this time he managed to rape a 17-year-old girl taking her SPM examination, Thursday morning.

The man, in his 30s, allegedly committed the offence near the newly completed Sulaman highway, off the Tuaran Road by-pass.

The victim was said to be walking to her school a short distance away around 7.50am when she was approached by the suspect who offered her a lift in his Proton Iswara car.

The unsuspecting victim accepted the ride, only to be taken towards another direction after the driver made a U-turn.

The man assured her that he had to pick up his younger sister first to be sent to school as well.

Disclosing this here Friday, City Police Chief ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad said the suspect then stopped the car in a specified area and demanded sex from the victim.

The frightened girl gave in to his demand after he threatened her with bodily harm, after which he sent her back to the school.

On arrival, the victim immediately related her ordeal to her teachers who, together with her parents, lodged a police report later the same day.

Based on the victim’s description, the suspect was in his 30s but police had yet to ascertain whether he was the same perpetrator in two earlier offences, Hamdan said.

On Monday, a 10-year-old schoolgirl was molested by a stranger inside a white Proton Iswara at the Tanjung Aru beach, after she accepted his offer for a joy ride at 6.15pm when she got separated with her brother in a crowded open market.

On October 26, a 16-year-old waitress from Putatan was on her way home alone, close to midnight, when she accepted a lift from a man in a white Proton Iswara, but was instead brought to the Donggongon township where she was molested inside the car.

02 January, 2003
Victim: 22

Kota Kinabalu: A 22-year-old shop assistant at a cyber cafe was raped inside a car at an isolated area near SMK Kolombong shortly after she had accepted a lift from a stranger.

City police chief, ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad, on Thursday said the girl, residing at one of the kampungs in Inanam, was waiting for a bus when she was approached by the man who was driving a dark blue Proton Saga on New Year’s eve.

“The man, in his 30’s, who had short hair and a well built body, offered the victim a ride,” he said.

Instead of sending her to her workplace, the man took her to Kolombong on the excuse of wanting to chit-chat but forced her into having sex with him on getting there.

He later sent the girl to her workplace. The girl lodged a report with city police on Wednesday.

No one has been arrested but investigations are continuing.

Hamdan, meanwhile, again advised women against accepting lifts from strangers. They should also avoid going out alone at night, he added.

14 January, 2003
Victim: 12

Kota Kinabalu: A 12-year-old schoolgirl claimed she was raped by her father’s friend at her unnumbered house in Sri Tanjung here last Friday.

She told police she was alone at home when the incident took place at about 1.30pm. Both her parents were away in Tawau.

She claimed the man, in his 20s, took her into a small room and raped her and left about five minutes later.

The girl later revealed the incident to her uncle who accompanied her to lodge a report at the police station here.

City police chief, ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad, said no arrest had been made thus far but that police were looking for the suspect.

05 February, 2003
Victim: 8

Papar: An eight-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 50-year-old Indonesian man at her parents’ house in Bongawan about 1am Tuesday.

District Crime Chief ASP Shivanandan V on Tuesday confirmed that a report was lodged by the grandfather of the girl at 9.45am the same day.

According to the report, the man had been living with the family, as they had pitied him for not having a place to stay.

However, he allegedly raped the girl who was sleeping next to him in the house in which there are no partitions. He had already fled by the time members of the family realised what had happened.

But police managed to nab the man at 4.10pm the same day at Kg Nyaris-Nyaris in Bongawan.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old Indonesian was detained during an anti-crime operation here by three police personnel led by Chief Inspector Mohd Fauzi Sahat.

The suspect, who works as a coffeeshop assistant in town, was found with three identity cards of dubious origin. He has been remanded for a week to facilitate investigations.

25 February, 2003
Victim: 31

Tawau: A 31-year-old local woman who accepted a lift home from five men outside a discotheque here early Sunday wound up being gang-raped instead.

She told police they took turns to rape her in some bushes along Jalan St Patrick, about 20 metres away from the night entertainment outlet, about 1am.

Thereafter, they went back to their vehicle and drove away, leaving her alone in the bushes.

She walked back towards the discotheque and sought help from several people standing outside the premises. They brought her to the police station here.

District Police Chief, ACP Kuik Harris OKK Anik, said no arrest has been made thus far.

He said the woman told police she and her two female companions had been earlier having some drinks in the discotheque and that she decided to go home sometime later on feeling intoxicated.

Outside the discotheque, she met the five men who offered her a ride home on their vehicle.

She accepted the offer but a short distance away she asked them to pull over as she felt nauseous and wanted to throw up.

She said when she alighted from the vehicle, all the five followed and forced her into the bushes where they raped her.

11 April, 2003
Victim: 15

Kota Kinabalu: A 15-year-old secondary schoolgirl lodged a police report on Wednesday claiming she had been raped by an “army officer” at a downtown hotel here.

City Police Chief, ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad, said the incident allegedly happened in a room of the hotel at about 3.45pm on April 4, after the victim accepted the man’s invitation to lunch.

He said the victim became acquainted with the suspect the previous day when she and her sister were at a shopping complex here.

On the same day, the victim and the man went to the Tanjung Aru Beach for a walk until midnight.

Earlier, the suspect had introduced himself as an “army officer currently on leave” and was staying in a hotel.

On April 4, the suspect went to the third former’s school to fetch her for lunch before inviting her to his hotel room.

“Don’t be easily deceived by anybody unknown to you, who may claim that they know your family and offer to send you home,” said Hamdan.

“Based on past records, the modus operandi of most rapists is similar. They will offer to send their victims home but instead take them to other places where they (the victims) are raped,” he added.

At the same time, Hamdan also advised rape victims to immediately lodge a police report so that immediate investigations can be carried out.

21 June, 2003
Victim: 21, 12

Kota Kinabalu: A 21-year-old woman and an underage girl have lodged separate police reports claiming they were raped.

City Police Chief, ACP Hamdan Haji Mohamad, said the first report was by the woman about 5pm on Wednesday alleging she was raped by a man after a drink at a cyber cafÈ, in Likas, here on June 9.

According to her, she was approached by the man who, together with his girlfriend, invited her for a drink at the cyber cafÈ that evening.

The 23-year-old male suspect drank liquor while she had an orange drink.

Around 8pm, she felt dizzy and asked the suspect to get her a taxi to go home. She claimed she was fully conscious when escorted out of the cyber cafÈ by the man.

However, she was already at home when she woke up the next morning and felt pain in her private parts.

Her adoptive mother advised her to lodge a police report after being told of the incident.

In the other police report, a 12-year-old girl claimed she was raped in a room at Kg Air here between 1am and 2am, Thursday.

The victim, a night market sales assistant, claimed to have followed a female friend to her room in the area prior to the incident.

Once in the room, she claimed a man known to her friend came in and raped her.

Police have detained a 19-year-old male suspect for questioning, following the incident.

25 July, 2003
Victim: 12, 16

Tawau: Police have detained a 49-year-old Bugis plantation worker here for allegedly raping his two daughters on several occasions over the past six years.

The suspect allegedly committed the act since the victims were aged 10 and six years at the workers’ quarters in an estate in Brumas, near here.

The victims’ mother, who is also a labourer, was out working during the incidents.

Now aged 16 and 12, they did not relate their ordeal to anyone until early Wednesday when the suspect tried to force his lust on the elder girl.

She, however, managed to escape and related her ordeal to an uncle living nearby.

The concerned uncle brought the girl back to her house and confronted the suspect, during which time both girls claimed to having been raped by their father, before bringing them to the police station to lodge a report.

The suspect was consequently arrested at the police station and the sisters were sent for medical examination at the district hospital.

Confirming this Thursday, acting District Police Chief Supt Mohamed Deraman said initial investigations showed the suspect took the opportunity to rape the victims each time their mother went out to work early in the morning, over the past six years.

He might have raped them separately on different occasions because the elder girl never knew that their father also raped her younger sister, he added.

“When the suspect attempted to rape the elder victim at around 4am Wednesday, after her mother went out to work, she resisted and rushed to her uncle’s house nearby,” said Mohamed.

The suspect is currently detained under Section 376(A) of the Penal Code.

03 October, 2003
Victim: 5

Tawau: An Indonesian woman lodged a police report here Wednesday claiming her five-year-old daughter was raped by their 14-year-old tenant, also an Indonesian, who stayed on the ground floor of their double-storey house.

Acting District Police Chief, Supt Mohamed Deraman, said the 22-year-old complainant made the report at noon after her daughter complained of pain in her private parts. He said on being queried by her mother, the girl related what had transpired at their house several times last month.

The suspect, who is still schooling, was arrested nine hours after the report was lodged and is being detained to facilitate further investigations, said Mohamed.

19 December, 2003
Victim: 15

Tawau: A 15-year-old local girl was raped and stabbed on the neck by a Filipino, who had earlier threatened her with a knife while on board a bus at a bus station in town, here on Monday.

It was learnt that the victim boarded the bus to go home at about 3pm that day. She was sent to the bus station by a male friend whom she met with at Taman Bintang along Mile 3, Jalan Apas, at noon.

As she was sitting, the Filipino who was seated at the back suddenly pointed a knife at her and grabbed her handphone.

The Filipino then questioned the victim why she had befriended his brother (referring to the man who she had met and who sent her to the bus station), and she asked what was wrong with that.

The Filipino then told her that he wanted to take her to see their mother and she agreed to go with him.

Both of them alighted at Mile 5 off Jalan Apas and he took her about a mile away from the roadside where he raped her. He left after stabbing the victim on her neck.

The victim then walked to a nearby village where a villager helped her get on a vehicle to go to the nearest public telephone booth at Mile 1_ of the same road.

The victim called up her mother and related what had happened to her.

Her mother then picked her up and brought her to lodge a report at the police station as well as to undergo a medical examination at the district hospital.

Acting District Police Chief, DSP Rusdi Ramli, who confirmed this Thursday said police picked up a 24-year-old Filipino at Mile 3, Jalan Apas, on Wednesday afternoon.

He said the arrest was made based on the result of investigations into a report lodged by a 40-year-old local woman at 8pm on Monday.

The suspect is currently remanded to facilitate further investigations into the case, classified under Section 376 of the Penal Code.

In the report, he said the woman had told police that her daughter (the victim) left home at about noon on Monday to meet a male friend at Taman Bintang.

Investigations are continuing.

03 January, 2004
Victim: 17

Sandakan: A 17-year-old girl’s decision to usher in the New Year with a group of friends turned awry when she was gang-raped by six men.

It was learnt that the victim was lured by a friend to a secluded spot near the community centre where the others were waiting, who took turns to rape her at 9pm on Wednesday.

A report was lodged by the victim’s parents, after which she was sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital for a medical examination.

Police are still investigating.

14 January, 2004
Victim: 15

Beaufort: A fisherman was arrested on suspicion of raping his teenage daughter at their home in Menumbok, near here, on Sunday.

Acting District Police Chief, ASP Mohamed Taib, said the man allegedly raped his 15-year-old daughter after he returned from sea, also on Sunday, at about 3.30pm.

At the time of the suspected crime, nobody was home except for the girl’s younger sister, who their father had asked to go out to buy some sweets for herself, before committing the alleged crime, Mohamed said.

All other family members, including the victim’s mother, were out working. The girl, like her siblings, did not go to school but instead helped their father earn a living for the family.

The girl went to the police station the same day to lodge a report after the alleged incident, he said, adding the suspect has been remanded for 14 days.

Meanwhile, police here arrested a jobless local and seized 28 small packets containing crystalline substances believed to be Syabu, hidden in a tooth pick dispenser.

The arrest was made downtown on Saturday at 1pm following a public tip-off.

The 23-year-old suspect, realising that police were on his tail, tried to run, during which he was seen throwing something that looked like a small bottle.

However, police managed to apprehend him and recover the bottle, which turned up be a toothpick dispenser that contained the substances.

Police are still awaiting a report on the actual weight of the suspected Syabu.

Mohamed thanked the public for their cooperation leading to the arrest, and hoped more would play their part in crime prevention.

29 January, 2004
Victim: 16

Ranau: A 62-year-old farmer was arrested on suspicion of raping his teenage neighbour for more than a year.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect would give the girl some money to keep her quiet after committing the crime in his home, said Acting District Police Chief, ASP Mohd Izaan Abdullah.

The Form Four student, who lives in Lohan here, was allegedly raped since the middle of 2002 until the end of last year.

Izaan said the girl’s sister suspected something amiss when she saw her leaving the suspect’s house at night.

When asked, she recounted her experience, and about a month later, after their father was released from prison, the parents lodged a report on Tuesday at 4pm.

Police immediately looked for the farmer and detained him in the town area, he said.

Investigations also showed that the suspect had lured the girl to his house at night, when his children were sleeping, and raped her.

The man has been remanded for investigations, Izaan added.

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