Sunday, July 18, 2004

When Minority Dictates Terms For The Majority

Bernama reported that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on 18 July 2004  that nominations by the Pekan Umno division for the party's top posts and seats in the Umno Supreme Council in the party election in September will attract the attention of Umno members.
As such, Najib, who is Umno vice-president carrying out the duties of the deputy president, said that delegates to the divisional meeting should be wise in making their nominations which must follow the trend nationwide.
"Let's not make nominations which are out of line and not according to the nationwide trend," he said when opening the Pekan divisional delegates' meeting here.
Najib, who is head of the Pekan division, said that the delegates' meeting of the division was now unlike before as the nominations would be referred to by the other Umno divisions."This is the difference for us (Pekan division) today compared with previously.
Recently, the (Pekan) Wanita Umno division made nominations which were a little out of line and not according to the trend nationwide," he said.
Najib was apparently referring to the meeting on July 10 of the Pekan Wanita Umno division which nominated former Cabinet minister Datuk Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman to re-contest the post of Wanita Umno head.
The Deputy Prime Minister also advised Umno members to strive to ensure unity in the party, loyalty to the party and outstanding service for the party as well as embrace the people-friendly culture.A total of 503 delegates from 125 branches attended the meeting.
When the so call leader trying to dictate terms for the delegates during a time when freedom should be given to them to decide their future, that shows how far democracy has been practice in UMNO (supposedly known as Under Mahathir No Opposition previously). That also reflects how much individual rights is respected.
When the head shamelessly call for bias nominations, do you think money politics could be curbed? Do you think nothing dirty would transpire behind the sceen?

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