Thursday, May 13, 2004

Was Salleh Cornered?

Something really interesting reported in Daily Express:

Five Umno branches in Kota Belud said Kota Belud Member of Parliament Datuk Salleh Said should keep to his word about not defending his Umno divisional head post next month.

The five branch heads Lamsil Hamidsor (Peninting), Jelun Sungit (Kampung Siasai), Raiman Taib (Lebak Moyoh), Besari Saudin and Masdor Haji Diman (Kedatuan Wakap) together with three members Nandra Hitong, Magit Julan and Karim Lunoh said this in a statement.

“We fully support Salleh’s decision not to defend his divisional head post which he announced on April 2 and as reported in the media,” they said.

They said Salleh’s decision does not come as a shock to them as he had written to the division’s committee members about his decision to give way.

“Salleh has been the divisional head for a long time and it is time we have a new leader,” said Lamsil.

“When a leader decided to give way, be it he or she has had enough or failed, it is only appropriate that he or she give up graciously,” said Lamsil.

Jelun said he respected Salleh’s smart decision not to defend his post and give the chance to others.

Raiman said a leader must keep to his or her words and once they decided “must stick to the decision” and not made a U-turn.

Meanwhile, Nasdra said Salleh had been the divisional head for more than a decade and his decision is, therefore, “very much appreciated.”

If one overstays his welcome like what Salleh did then this is what he has to face. He has no choice but to write in with honour to tell the committee members that he is not defending his post.

There might be three sides of the stories. One, Salleh knows his political days are numbered. Before he is booted out it is more honourable for him not to contest. If one could accept the facts that leader comes leader goes, then it is totally alright for him to do so.

But it could also due to the facts that Salleh has fallen out of favour with those powerfuls and was forced to indicate his intention in writing. Or else he would have to face the consequences.

Salleh could also play a game DAP Chairman, Lim Kit Siang, always played, resign and waits for members to pursuade him to stay. Thus it would show those above him that his services is still needed. But will he receive calls to ask him to stay?

Judging from the news report, the second assumption is more accurate. If Salleh had sinerely wanted to leave, no one would need to remind (humiliate) him in such a way, calling him to keep his words.

Another political reality. Leave before you overstay your welcome.

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