Friday, May 07, 2004

YB (Yang Bergambar) Chua Soon Bui

Chua Soon Bui, the Wanita Chief of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is always moving in front of cameramen. She likes to be photograhed and more so if those photographs taken are published in newspapers. She even brings along her aids to take photographs for her whenever she goes. Sometimes she pays to get her petty news into front page of local dailies.

It is understandable for Chua to post for press if she is still the Member of Parliament or someone important. She was once an MP for Tawau during 1995 to 1999, but her place has long been replaced by Shim Paw Fatt, her party mate. Shim is into his second term as MP for Tawau after winning the seat uncontested during the last election.

So Chua Soon Bui is no longer the MP but she still acts like one, or at certain time she is more YB than the real YB. She wants people to address her as YB Chua instead of Puan Chua or Madam Chua. She wanted newsmen to name her as the former MP for Tawau. YB just mean so much to her.

She has been trying hard to lobby for a place either in the parliament or state assembly. However her over-exposure and over stepping on other people's rights and jurisdiction has angered and offended many, including her own party members. Therefore she was never proposed by the Tawau SAPP CLC. Subsequently, her name was never in SAPP's list of proposed candidates for the last general election.

In her quest for fame, title, power and popularity, she joined many non-governmental organisations. Not only that she also arranged for her followers to be in those organisations. She demanded for positions in those organisations. Instead of contributing to the organisations she joined, she dragged them into politics. She politicised the organisations and created misunderstanding among members. She made all kinds of promises as though she was more powerful than the ministers. When none of her promises materialise, she left quietly looking for new organisations to continues her hidden agenda.

She also visits the sicks and unfortunates, not to offer console or help but to be photographed and pretend to be someone who cares. She was building publicity on the sorrow of others. Her tricks failed to convince the public.

Has Chua Soon Bui contributed anything to the society? NONE. Not when she was the MP and not after that. She is only a woman hungry for popularity. That's why she is nicked YB (Yang Bergambar) Chua.

Wake up Chua Soon Bui.

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