Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back to Zero

With the introduction of Code of Ethics for elected representatives, it was hope that state assemblymen (women) and members of parliament will contribute more in solving the people’s problem, bringing more progress to their constituencies, and help to bring Malaysia towards a more ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang” nation.

After the March 2003 General Election and numerous pledges and promises made, was there any real results that could convince the rakyat? Was there any real actions mooted out to solve all kinds of problem faced by the people, electricity, water, land title, squatters, security, illegal immigrants, etc?

The UMNO politicians are so busy with the party election. Since there now appears a consortium to buy votes, being elected as a delegate to the UMNO General Assembly this September would give a big business opportunity. Don’t blame the press for focusing on UMNO election instead of state development because there was nothing said and done. Even small promises are hard to be fulfilled by those once promising politicians.

The Kadazan-Dusun based parties are busy talking about merger. It’s good to be in one big umbrella but let’s leave it to the party leaderships to discuss and work out the details. There is no use in getting everyone involved. The only reason was to divert the people’s attention and forget about the real business of these YBs.

Chinese party leaders especially LDP and SAPP are busy fighting like dog and cat. True, they might give the reasons that they are championing the rights of the Chinese community. The real truth is they are all running away from their actually responsibilities. They are fighting for their individual glories and survival.

Need examples? What has Datuk Ghapur done so far for the people of Kalabakan? He is staying in his big house in Tawau, one hundred Kilometer away from Kalabakan, partying away? Only porch vehicles are parked outside his house. No kampong folks allowed.

What has Datuk Dr Patawari done to the constituency of Sebatik? After failing to serve the people of Merotai, he moved to Sebatik, but nothing new. To be frank, he is more popular among the GROs in MTV, KTV and PUBs compared to the kampong folks in Sebatik. That tells where his real constituency is. When a YB, once an assistant minister, keep asking around for money from contractors, follow them more than the people in Sebatik, you could not expect anything good and fruitful from him.

Samson Chin, being elected for the third time, once as MP and twice as state assemblyman, could only make statements after things happen. Even his campaign leaflets are full of out dated statements. A YB with statements without action is as good as none. No action, no follow-up after the statements. When a non-performing YB being returned, you get a dead-wood.

The list will go on and on. If you think your elected representatives could help you, think twice. If you want things get done fast and efficient, better do it yourself.

Code of ethics or Code of antics?

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