Saturday, August 21, 2004

When The Brain Is Not Functioning

One Sabah politician has never failed to amuse the people when he makes any statement. So far only one politician never learn his lesson and keep talking without even thinking. Maybe the brain is no longer functioning.

His most recent 'stunt' was making all sort of accusations about Saham Amanah Sabah as if he is Mr Know All. He directed his boys to make wild and seditious accusations in the local media without supporting facts.

Feeling confident enough he himself came out and claim his share. But when facts were put forward for him to answer, he said he has a lot of work to do. So all this while he was too free for nothing that he has all the time to make accusations?

Has he even wonder if the people of Sabah, though majority of them are not politician, lawyers or anyone holding high post, but at the very minimum, they know what is right and what is wrong. The know when to say and when to keep quiet. They also know people who forgets to wipe his mouth after eating. Sabahans, Malaysians or even the rest of the people are not easy to be fooled.

Read the following news picked up from Daily Express.

Chong: No bid to link or confuse public

Kota Kinabalu: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat denied having any intention to link the Saham Amanah Sabah (SAS) losses to Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd’s (WHSSB) business dealings when Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee was the Chief Minister.

The Deputy Chief Minister said contrary to Yong’s claims, he was also not trying to confuse the people when he asked Yong to explain the composite share swap involving WHSSB and several public listed companies, besides the SAS issue.

Chong was asked by reporters to comment on Yong’s letter that was sent to him on Thursday. Yong had, among other things, requested that he reveal the culprit behind the SAS shares fall and said Chong was wrong in attempting to link SAS and WHSSB.

He confirmed receiving the letter from Yong and said he would reply to the letter when he had the time.

I will reply to him in full once I finish my work. I have a lot of work to do,” he said when met at the launch of the Special Exhibition on Sabah Governors in conjunction with the Merdeka Month 2004 celebration and TYT’s official birthday at the Islamic Civilisation Museum, near here, Friday.

“I never confuse people and you can see how it was reported. I know there is a clear difference between Warisan Harta and SAS,” he said.

Chong said during the press conference that he called on Wednesday he made reference to Warisan Harta as only “in a related matter”.

“They are two different entities, which have made losses it’s a fact,” he said.

When asked whether there is a need for both the Barisan Nasional parties to sit down to resolve the matter amicably before it got out of hand, he said:

“It’s not going out of hand. Every one of us should know what we are doing or what we have been doing or what we did. (There is) nothing to hide.”

Chong, who is also Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, declined to comment on the statement by the SAS fund management, Saham Sabah Berhad, that the one to be blamed was the share market conditions.

SSB had also said the investors had been warned in the prospectus that there was an element of risk.

“I have not seen the report yet. Perhaps, in another day you can get more,” he said.

Two days ago, Chong had said that apart from the SAS, Yong should also explain about the share swap involving Warisan Harta blue chip stocks with the North Borneo Timbers and Sugar Bun that had resulted in a shortfall of about RM50 million.

This was because, ironically, the composite share swapping deal was also sealed during Yong’s time as Chief Minister.

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