Thursday, April 08, 2004

Chong Kah Kiat Bullies Poor Pregnant Woman

Recently LDP President and state Deputy Chief Minister made headlines in local dailies again. What's the big news? Chong put one poor pregnat woman into jail!

The story went like this. A pregnant woman approached Chong at his house in Kota Kinabalu claiming that her son was suffering from hole in lung and needed to go for operation. She also claimed that she was from Kudat. Chong straight away took out RM1,600 and gave to the woman. He even sent his driver to take the woman to the hospital. However, on reaching the hospital, the woman fled. Chong's driver checked with the hospital and found that there was no such boy which fitted the description. A few days ago Chong's driver tracked the woman down and Chong reported to the police. The woman was later put into jail.

End of the story, but not end of the discussion. Questions:

1. Why, such an intelligent leader like Chong's could be cheated by a poor pregnant woman?

2. Why cash was given to the woman when she said she was from Kudat? Was it for buying vote?

3. Why, a person like Chong who always talks about religion, does not have the compassion to forgive a poor pregnant woman but to put her in jail instead?

4. Why Chong sent his driver to track the woman down? Was it because RM1,600 is too much for him?

What's the conclusion?

I don't think it would be hard for you to figure out.

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