Friday, April 30, 2004


Suddenly so many YBs talks about not having enough money for many things, setting up service centres, paying staff salaries, donations, contribution to party and more.

Why it was never heard of previously except for a hardworking few? Could we assume that previously they have big side income through projects and they do not have to actually contribute. They kept everything for their own and on top of that making huge claims on travelling and other expenses. No one was checking on them. Not even when they disappear from the Parliament meetings and state assembly meetings.

Now that they have been instructed to 'turun padang' and show their record book every three months. Their status would be reviewed. Some states even threaten to sack them by means of submitting their undated resignation letters. Their source of side incomes have also been tightened and carefully watched. TV3 even asks viewers to contact them if they found their YBs not carrying out their duties.

These YBs have been too relaxing in their comfort zone previously that they thought getting elected during election is for them to enjoy their victory for five years without any contribution. New YBs thought they have hit the jack pot when they won but they were seriously wrong.

NOW you know YBs. Don't take the people for granted. Don't take Pak Lah for granted.

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