Saturday, April 24, 2004

YB Yang Bersuara

Suddenly so many YBs spoke in the state assembly. Those YBs who used to be YESmen and RUBBER stamp also suddenly found the courage to say a few words. Never mind if they use broken Malay or Broken English. At least they open their mouths.

We just hope that this sceen will continue for the next five years or until the state assembly is dissolved. Now the YBs have became Yang Bersuara. Let see when are they going to 'turun padang' and be Yang Berusaha, Yang Bekerja and Yang Berkhidmat.

It is still too early to judge. Since there is a record book to be filled they have to do something. Similar to the school children having homework to do. Or they will get punished by their teachers. Pak Lah is watching you YBs. But most importantly the people are watching.

Bravo to Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Hj Mulia for questioning how Chong Kah Kiat got his development fund so fast and so much for Kudat but not the other parts of the state. Bravo for reviewing the Kota Kinabalu Car Park problem.

Show us more results, show us more actions. We will surely give our support. After all we are all for Sabah. Sabah O Sabah.

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