Thursday, September 04, 2003

Was there anything to hide?

When the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat took over the administration of Sabah Government, he declared war against the 3 sins, namely illegal immigrants, timber thieves and fish bombing.

The people of Sabah was waiting for his actions. Beginning of this year, we saw a series of tough action being taken against illegal immigrants. Leaders from political as well as non-governmental organizations all over the state gave their approval and support for the long awaited action. To date, we were told that more than 8million has been spent for the Ops Nyiah II.

With the first war started and some results shown, the people are waiting for the second war against timber thieves. At the beginning of June this year, local dailies splashed front page reports with illegal logging in Benta Wawasan logging concession area, near Luasong, Sabah. To make the matter worst, it was also reported that one of the contractors involved was connected to ‘top Sabah politician”.

The Chief Minister asked for names and evidence when the matter was referred to him. He was apparently not pleased with the reports. He said by publishing the news it gives the culprits opportunity to get away.

A few days later, the Chief Minster announced that there was nothing illegal and everything was in order. He said he received no names in the report submitted to him.

The announcement was not a surprise to most people. It has always been the tradition where big names are involved the case will be swept hurriedly under the carpet.

When the public making complaints in about the high parking rate in the state capital, Chong chose to say he received good comments on the new parking rates. Everyone knows he was defending the company given the parking concession because all the directors were Chong’s right hand men is his party.

May we ask why is the double standard?

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