Friday, September 05, 2003

Wawasan Iktisas Says No Hanky Panky Kota Kinabalu Car Park Deal

Kota Kinabalu: The company awarded the new car park management contract by City Hall, Wawasan Iktisas Sdn Bhd, clarified that it secured the contract through proper procedures and "because we offered the most attractive terms."

Responding to what it described as insinuations that certain government leaders may have had a hand in the award of the contract, it said in a statement:
"The directors of Wawasan Iktisas are bona fide businessmen. Even though they are active in politics and are aligned to a certain Barisan Nasional component party, that is as far as it goes."

Its three directors – Yong Cheong Fah, Lau Yick Chang (YC Lau) and Leong Kum Ming, also said they were not acting as proxies for anyone nor had at any time before or during the execution of the contract exerted any political influence on the outcome of the bidding exercise.

It pointed out that it also did not fix the parking rates nor introduce new parking areas for the collection of parking fees.

"It was solely the decision of City Hall and we understand that this information on the new rates and area was given to all the companies that participated in the bidding exercise in order for these companies to submit their final proposals based on the same parameters."

It also stressed that the directors were not the type who would use political connections to apply for large tracts of seafront or enter into lop-sided agreements such as the one where the State Government ended up paying RM12,000 monthly just to rent a car.

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