Thursday, October 23, 2003

How to Become a Datuk in Sabah

The state assembly agreed to increase the number of Datuks from 850 to 950 giving the new Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman, another opportunity to reward his supporters.

It is a known secret that Datukship in Sabah could be easily lobbied or bought through various channels and means. One could get the Chieft Minster to recommend for a datukship after offering certans favours. One could also get close to the Tuan Yang Terutama, state Governor, or his immediate families to be made a Datuk.

Take for instant those who have been awarded datukships, no one knows what these new datuks have contributed to the society. Lee Chuan Wan is the brother-in-law to the former Chief Minister. He has done nothing to the people of Sabah. He could not even contribute to his local community in Kota Kinabalu. Even his political position in Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) as a vice president was pre-arranged by the brother-in-law who is also the party President, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat. Hours before last year's party election, delegates were given a 'menu' telling them who to vote and who not to. His name was on the top list.

So if you are a relative of those people in power, you will have a better chance to be called Datuk.

Liew Yun Fah (who name is far longer if all his 'bought over' titles were to be mentioned) has also done nothing to the community of Tawau. Being a businessman dealing with illegal logging. He has business interest with the sons of the then TYT. He also shamelessly, breaking all protocol to 'accompany' the TYT whenever he is in Tawau. He was said to have paid RM500,000 for his datukship. He has also previously paid for his doctor and Mejar titles. People in Tawau knows he is a crook and gangster. He does not even know the basic rule of communication, RESPECT. He has a brother-in-law whose name is equally long, Datuk Lajim. He is now aiming for Justice of Peace (JP) that's why he is following the new TYT.

The second rule, be thick skin, get your name longer to be different.

Thien Kok Poh is an Indonesian who hailed from Tarakan, East Kalimantan. His families are still staying in Tarakan. He is yet another timber businessman who earns his fortune by stealing timber in restricted areas including those in Indonesia. He too has done nothing for anybody except for his own pocket. He is also a big playboy who sleeps around with practically any pretty ladies in town. He was also one of those who rushed to do his blood test when one of his sleeping partners died of HIV. He also bought his datukship through the relationship of palace people. How he got his Malaysian citizenship is still a big question but yet he was awarded datukship.

Doesn't matter where you come from as long as you know how to manipulate your money to your advantage, you will be called a datuk.

YC Lau, who is in the centre of controversial between LDP and SAPP was awarded the datukship this year. It is clearly a reward from the former CM as a gratitude for carrying his balls. People in Kota Kinabalu knows well that he is one of those big thieves who teamed up with the KK Mayor to rob the people through the sky high parking fee.

Next tip, doesn't matter if you rob others but be sure to call others thieves and carry your boss' balls well.

There is another young datuk who is a well know timber thief which Datuk Chong vowed to get rid off. Did Datuk Chong success in doing so? No. Why? Simple, this timber thief, Elbert Lim, joined his party, LDP and became the division youth chief, made generous donation to the party and to the president personally. So he was cleared of any act of stealing timber in Benta Wawasan.

Doesn't matter what the public think about you as long as the leader 'knows' who you are.

Datuk? What datuk? Need the list to continue? No one will ever respect this 'money datuks'. In fact the people are embarrassed to have such people awarded the title of datuk. If Datuk Clearance Bongkos Malakun is sincere in preserving the status of Datuks, stop increasing the number of datuks but instead get rid of those money datuks.

The moral of the story, if you want to be embarrassed, laughed and ridiculed, buy yourself a datukship in Sabah.

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