Sunday, October 12, 2003

Sabah Security

People in Sabah are once again shocked when aremed men robbed Borneo Paradise Eco Farm and Resort on 5th October 2003. Ten armed pirates stormed the riverside resort on Sunday night and forced six foreign workers on to a boat and fled into the darkness. A manhunt for both the pirates and hostages is still on.

To some people what happened last Sunday does not come as a surprise. First, Sabah water is wide to be guarded by any security forces. People can come in at any time from any of the long stretch of sea shore from Tawau to Menumbuk. There shall never be enough policemen or army to be on guard.

Second, security forces put on the Islands of Sabah are mostly 'holiday'. These people were stationed there after the two kidnap cases involving muslim terrorists from Southern Philippines. The Defence Ministery and Dato' Najib Tun Razak were under strong criticism from the public.

True that the Minister made numerous promises and assurance that Sabah waters are safe. Everyone knows that it was for his political survival. If one were to visit any of the island it is not difficult to find out that these people are just enjoying their holiday on the beautiful island. They are more insterested in disturbing girls then to study the security of the surrounding area.

There are also the Marine Police on duty along the costal line. But they are equally useless. It is an open secret that these Marine Police are only capable of threatening the Malaysian fishermen and shipping companies where their ships and barges travel along Sabah coasts. They are the real sea pirates who are highly corrupted. They also team up with Sabah Port Authorities and custom to rob off the hard earn money of the poor fishermen.

We are certain that Borneo Paradise will not be the last target. Balung Fishing Resort could be the next target. If the security forces are just paying lips service then even people on land are to worry of their safety. Sabah will just turn back into the 80s where day light robberies were so rampant.

If anyone is serious of solving these problems, the first step to do is to sack all the corrupted lots. Or else you can go on talking for hours and making tonnes of promises but nothing will be done.

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