Thursday, October 02, 2003

MPT - The Troubled Tawau Municipal Council

The MPT (Majlis Perbandaran Tawau) or Tawau Municipal Council President, Datuk Harith was heated up once again during the recent council meeting.

He was disappointed with the irresponsible attitude of his enforcement officers. One open air karaoke was operated on top of a chicken rice restaurant till the wee hours but no action taken. Illegals found to be hawkers in the General Market were caught by the Council Secretary and later handed over to the enforcement officers to be brought to the immigration for deportation. But there were released because the immigration claimed that no police reports were made prior to handling over of the illegals to them.

There were many examples of the poor service provided by the MPT enforcement officers and the lack of co-operation among government agencies. It has been happening for many-many years. In fact too long for anyone to remember as it has become part of the MPT culture which everyone is so familiar of.

Therefore it is not surprising to find the President showing his temper. The previous president, Datuk Hamzah Amir just kept quiet until he was quietly replaced.

Anyone could shout, cry or even scream but there will never be any changes in MPT unless those bunch of lazy, irresponsible and blood sucking staffs are sacked and replaced.

When the President failed to carry out his duty he is transferred. But when the staff are incapable, no one was transferred. Even the President could not transfer them away. All he could say was, if you are not capable just pack and go. But who will given the fact that they can sit and receive their monthly salary.

Corruption is obvious among the staff. Big croc would bite off a big piece from the contractor. A small clerk would ask for monetary favour when contractors see them for their payment collection.

There are also engineers who teamed up with contractor to monopolise the MPT projects. Just check out who is the owners and their connection to MPT engineer for the renovation of MPT building after the fire. And who erected the useless spot lights along Jalan Kuhara.

Look at the grass along the roads and it won't take long for you to realise that they are only being cut once or twice a year. But alas, how many times the claims were made?

Rubbish collection has been privatised. But who is satisfied with it? Don't expect 100%, not even 30% are happy with the service. Every time the rubbish truck arrives, it only dirty the road instead of cleaning up the rubbish.

The list will go on and on. The reports will keep pouring in the news papers. Everyone is just waiting for a real action to be taken.

So, it is about time to stop the scolding and shouting, Datuk President. Get the culprits out from MPT for good. Then you will see your team improve and the people will surely back you up. Or else, just be like Datuk Hamzah, keep quiet and wait till you are quietly transferred.

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