Thursday, December 11, 2003

Air Asia - Double Standard?

Air Asia check-in counters in Tawau display big signs saying that all fresh and frozen seafood are not allowed. It was understood that leak from frozen seafood has caused airlines a lot of money to repair.

However, there was an article “Tawau: Adventurer’s Heaven’ written by Meena Nachiappan published in November 2003 issue of Spectra which stated otherwise. She wrote, 'I decided to be daring and pack some fresh seafood in iceboxes to be flown home on the day l left. A 'fragile' sticker was stuck to the icebox and it came out perfectly safe when i got back to the West.'.

Specktra was provided for passenger reading on Air Asia plane. The writer was assumed to be sponsored by Air Asia to write about Tawau and at the same time promoting for them.

So, ordinary passengers are not allowed to carry seafood with them, but Meena has done it. Is Air Asia has anything to say about this double standard?

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