Saturday, December 13, 2003

Are you hiding something, Dato'?

There were strong objections through out the country on the RM2 charge for checking of National Service status through SMS. It was reported that there were about 480,000 youths involved in the first ever national service. Should they each send in one SMS to check their status, they will be charged RM2 each. That will be RM960,000 easy money for somebody! Let's not talk about checking twice or three times. The cost to set up the infrastructure is only RM1,500.

Defence Minister Dato' Seri Najib when asked to comment on the expensieve charges said those who could not afford should not use SMS. Najib must have forgotten that his responsibilities that his ministry should make all necessary arrangements to provide the information for free through all channels, including SMS. His excuse is too childish and irresponsible. If Najib is a businessman, he is excusable (or is he?). The people now realise right away why Pak Lah did not pick him as the Deputy Prime Minister.

Similarly when Dato' Nazri when asked about his meeting with ACA officials on the allegations of issuing 6,000 taxi permits to one individual, he said his reason for giving taxi permits to the existing companies was because they are more experience and could afford it. But, Dato', everyone needs a first time to gain experience. If these companies where never given the first chance previously would they too, acquire such experience? How could he deny the new applicants an opportunity to try and to prove?

Probably this is the best time the Press look out more issues to ask our dear YBs, show their exact answers and responses on TV and let the public judge themselves before we decide whom to elect as our new YBs.

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