Tuesday, December 23, 2003

SAPP & LDP Should Merge

GERAKAN was formed after Dr Lim Chong Eu left the MCA. The two parties which representing the majority of Chinese in Penisular Malaysia were then openly or quietly fighting against each other. There were also bitter episods where elected members from both parties switch camps.

But gone are those ugly days when the new Prime Minister took office, and leadership changed in MCA. Both parties are now talking about merger. They both pledged to foster better relationship for the sake of the people and country. Party members and the public accepted the proposal with good faith.

Looking back in Sabah it is still a very sad scenario. Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) and Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) both having the majority members from Chinese community are still at loggerhead. Both parties are at 'war' through vaious issues intentionally highlighted and sensationalised in the press to embarrass each other.

It is a shame for leaders from both party to 'fight' and struggle for personal glory instead of looking into the interest of the people. Leaders from both parties are selfish, arrogant and irresponsible. The continued quarrel between the two Chinese based parties only bring about bigger division among the already small number of Chinese in the state. Divided Chinese will never have anyone to look into their interest. They will be left behind from the main stream politics. History has tought us about how the British using 'divide and rule' to achieve their selfish gains.

If both Yong Teck Lee and Chong Kah Kiat could not sit down and talk things over, they are both selfish and self centered. They are both fighting for their personal agendas. They can forget about claiming themselves as Chinese leaders of Sabah.

If both LDP and SAPP could not take heed of their big brothers to merge, then the Chinese should consider deserting both parties and join the stronger parties united as a single Chinese party.

Let Chong Kah Kiat and Yong Teck Lee keep fighting like a fighting fish in a fish bowl. The public will just watch and cheer.

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