Monday, December 08, 2003

The Ugly Truth

It was interesting to watch Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz losing his temper at Datuk Nordin Ismail, ACA Director Investigation. Nazri was angry because Datuk Nordin was saying he would get the police to issue warrant of arrest even to ministers who refuse to co-operate. Nazri was not happy because ACA took three months but yet could not conclude their investigation on allegations where one individual was given 6,000 taxi permits.

It has been quite a while that we see such 'action' on TV3. We were only shown the good side of the ministers or VIPs on TV. We only saw what the media wanted us to see (or what has been instructed to be shown). It would be a very rare occasion where we get to see the ugly side of the truth, unless on those who have got into the bad book of the powerful.

A few years ago, the Pahang Menteri Besar was alleaged to have shown a vulgar sign in public. He denied. The media never show but video clips of the actual sceen was widely spread on internet. The media has protected the ministers and VIPs so well that the public thought they were really angels.

Only with the introduction of internet that the people has other alternatives to get the truth (or lies) and are able to judge on their own. A conditioned judgement purposedly portrayed by certain media is lossing its effect. Less people are trusting 100% what they read on papers and watch on televisions.

We just hope that such ugly sceen shown on TV3 is not the last. Show us more of the truth, even if the truth is hurting. We would rather get hurt then kept in the dark and fooled.

Only the truth about the rich, famous and powerful are shown to the public could make these people more responsible and accountable. Or else they would think that they are an elite group who are above the law.

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