Friday, January 16, 2004

Angel & Devil

Man (woman alike) has many faces. Most people would have the angel and the devil faces, at different time, different place. Some manage to control so as when to show an angel face and when to show the opposite. Some just lost control and let other decide what face or rather the true colour to show.

Aspiring candidates for the coming election are showing up their angel faces as much as they could. They smile more and sweeter. They wave with their hands higher up in the air. They bow lower.

Once they are elected, the walk straight with nose higher up, skeptical looks, cold hand shake and unapproachable. That's the devil face that they are showing. When they have manipulated the people whom they deceived in voting for them, they avoid them untill the next election.

The daring ones change rapidly. During the day they pretend to champion the rights and solving the problems of the the people. During the night they are found partying away in pubs, discos and karaokes. Some even have their own entertainment outlets through their proxies. By using their same sets of bodyguards during the day time, they turn them into bouncers at night.

During the day they foster good relationships with the the local authorities, assuming for fast people's problem solving. At night they "improve" these relationships for not taking actions on their premises and the illegal activities that they carry out.

That explains why certain premises are never 'disturbed' by the authorities and certain areas never have electricity disruption even the whole town is in the dark.

So watch out for angels and devils. Which is better, a known devil or an unknown angel.

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