Saturday, January 10, 2004

Rubbish For Rubbish

People in Tawau especially the Chinese community had another good laugh recently. There were just too many things happening in Tawau that appeared in the local dailies.

First the self-claim Chinese LDP leader, Liew Yun Fah, has been using the party president's name to force contractors and local leaders to help him clean up rubbish in Tawau. Contractors and Askar Wataniah 516 carried out the work while Liew got his reporters to take pictures and published in the papers. Liew of course claimed credits for all this.

For the record, Liew has gained some respect from the folks in the affected areas where rubbish is concern. However, the actual people doing the work were never mentioned, far from being praised or acknowledged.

Thinking that he has been accepted as the Tawau leader, Liew went on to force his way into a Tawau LDP election committee where he is now the advisor. The committee was made up of mostly seasoned politicians compared to Liew who is practically a new comer in politics.

Claiming as Tawau Chinese leader, Liew organised a dinner for the LDP President, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat, to be with the Chinese community. Beautiful invitation cards were sent out. However, he made a serious mistake. Liew got Chong's name wrongly spelt. He is now Chong Kah Kait instead of Chong Kah Kiat. News spreaded fast among coffee shop mongers, not only in Tawau but also other parts of the state.

It seems that LDP is only interested in Datuks to join the party. Ever since Henry Lee left the party due disatisfaction on ground of party president practising cronism, LDP went all out for Datuk search. First it found Datuk Kong Hon Meng, who was elected as the first LDP state assemblyman and later made a state minister. Kong however challenged Datuk Chong Kah Kiat but lost. Chong, won the battle but lost a lot of money to buy out votes, even from his own supporters. Kong left not long after.

LDP then found Datuk Peter Lim from Tawau to join the party a few years later. He was immediately made a supreme council members. Peter Lim gained respect and popularity among the party member fast. He received the fourth highest votes during the party election.

Fearing Peter Lim's fast move in the party, LDP scouted for another Lim. This time Datuk Elbert Lim. Elbert too make a big wave in the party and gained popularity fast. Elbert, however, toned down due to strong critism of illegal timber logging where he was alleged to be involved.

After the two Datuk Lims, LDP found Datuk Liew Yun Fah. With 3 heavy weight Datuks in Tawau, LDP must seriously fight for at least one seat during the coming election. Should the party fail to secure any seats in Tawau, the public would give the answer fast, without grass-root support, no party would survive.

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