Friday, January 09, 2004

Pre-Election Bahaviours

There are always some weird, funny and sometimes childish behaviours of politicians before the general elections. These behaviours are rather similar to those of students before sitting for government examinations, or young gradutes facing interviews. Some politicians show their behaviour only to the people around them but some took it to the press.

Lahad Datu Assemblyman Samsu Baharun Abdul Rahman who is also the Assistant Industrial Development Minister, sacked his Lahad Datu People’s Development Leader (PKR), Aliandu Enjil, effective Jan 1(pic). He said Aliandu could no more assist him as he (Aliandu) does not show much interest.

Aliandu's dismissal however prompted Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Lajim Ukin's comment saying that Samsu has no right to sack a PKR since it is the sole prerogative of the Chief Minister. He also cautioned the timing of its sacking before the election as he fears of the negative impact on the voters, especially UMNO supporters.

Samsu, in retaliation, hit back and Lajim asking him not to meddle with Lahad Datu affairs. He said he knows better about his own constituency. Lajim should mind his own business and shut up. He even call Lajim an outsider.

How far this quarrel will go on is for us to see. The public certainly has a good laugh at it on how their leaders behave and what priorities are being emphasized, personal or public?

News coverage on politicians lately are similar to those gossips among the artists in the entertainment world. Artists make every effort to appear in the media to gain popularity. Politicians too, sometimes, go for cheap pulicity to gain attention.

The differece is the artists earned their popularity for their career. The YBs, some, misuse their career to trade for popularity. The voters' vote don't necessary based on popularity, but honesty and sincerity.

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