Monday, January 05, 2004

Misleading Ads or Misleading Leader?

Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has repeatedly criticised no-frills airline AirAsia's attention-grabbing advertisements, which appear to be no different to those used by successful foreign budget airlines such as FlyBE, EasyJet, RyanAir and Virgin Blue.

Kadir's criticism has also prompted an investigation by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

Though there were complaints against Air Asia but it was never about misleading advertisements. Most people understand well what was advertised and what it meant. However the wise minister chose to be ignorant and attacked the airline on ground best known to himself.

Probably this is the time for another politician to show his true colour, as we have seen earlier after Najib and Nazri. People of Sabah knows who Kadir really is. He was one of the selected few who was in Sabah to fish for opportunists elected assemblymen to leave PBS. His efforts, together with his other colleagues, have brought the downfall of PBS when those political frogs left PBS to enable the BN government formed.

Kadir has helped, or rather gave opportunities to the ungrateful assemblymen to betray their people. Whether his move was noble or devil is left for the people of Sabah to judge. If the people don't tell, time will.

But Kadir is certainly good in betraying. He has betrayed Tengku Razaleigh during the UMNO Team A Team B fight and now betraying the airlines which has helped promoted tourism industry and national integration.

If the majority, who support the airlines, fly Airasia and do not complain, why is Kadir making such a fuss? It is clear that Kadir has a hidden agenda. He is against more people flying and improve tourism industry. He is against national integeration between Sabah, Sarawak and Penisular Malaysia.

If he wants luxury, enjoying RM100 nasi lemak and pretty air hostesses serving on board, go fly MAS or get his own private jet!

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