Thursday, January 15, 2004

JKR - Jabatan Kacau Rakyat?

There are non-stop complaints from people through out the state on bad roads. Photographs were taken and the people's representatives, PKRs, YBs, were brought there to see for themselves. They made press statements and promised to look into the matter. Months and years passed by, the people renew their complaints. The YBs, too, renewed their promises, but nothing fullfilled.

Why? Ask JKR.

During every year end there are resurfacing works for roads proposed and supervised by JKR. The BIG problem is, JKR only resurface roads which they think should resurface, irrespective whether the road is good or bad. Most of the time their judgement is far from that of a little kid.

Almost 90% of the roads resurfaced this year are roads in good condition which could easily last for another 5 years. But these roads, mostly in the town areas, have been resurface years after years. Road users are cursing the contractors for purposedly creating traffic jams on almost brand new road while the poor kampung folks have been waiting and waiting for nothing for years.

This has been the norm year in year out. The public has grown fed up of this. The question in everyone's mind is, Do JKR really employed qualified engineers? Or are they really engineers? Could these so called 'high qualified' engineers differentiate what is good and what is not?

Pay a visit to the JKR office in Kota Kinabalu. All the rooms are either tinted or covered with papers. Are they having "direct negotiation", "private negotiation" or "closed door meeting"? Why hide? Be transparent and be brave to face the public. Explain why good roads are kept resurfaced but the bad one are left behind years after years?

What is JKR? Jabatan Kerja Raya or Jabatan Kacau Rakyat? Jangan Kerja Rajin? Jom Kasi Rosak? Jadi Kacau Rosak?

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