Monday, January 26, 2004

Safest To Live In Jail

The only need for security for men when they first existed was to protect them from the animals attack. For that they learned to tame some and living away from the wild animals. Simple life, simple security (if we do consider that as security).

When men became more and more civilised, the more security men needed. There are a lot more fear in men. Fear of personal safety, fear of losing personal properties, fear of being raped, fear of being embarrassed, and many more.

Instead of making more friends, men made more enemies due to competitions in studies, business, politics, social status, wealth, women and so on.

So man started to build taller houses in higher areas. They constructed higher walls and fences, grills, alarm system. Not enough with that they employ security guards and body guards to protect them 24 hours a day. They even buy insurance to safeguard in case of tragedy.

Don't you think the better the security system, the more similar it is to a jail?

Why not go to jail then? Tall walls, all grilled up, 24 hours security with experience and qualified policemen on guard?

Unless we make more friends and make peace, we are all going to jail, government jail or that of our own.

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