Friday, January 23, 2004

Watch MCA In Sabah

It was interesting to watch MCA Deputy President, Dato' Seri Chan Kong Choi attending the Chinese New Year open house hosted by MCA Sabah. Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman was also seen present.

It is not difficult to guess to intention of Chan's presence in Sabah. MCA is hoping to fight for at least 3 seats in the coming state election. The three areas are in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Tawau. MCA presently have two senators from Sabah, Datuk Agnes Shim and Datuk Edward Khoo.

MCA State Secretary Tan Kim Beng is lobbying very hard as a candidate. He is also the secretary for Chinese Chamber of Commerce. He has been going round meeting the people during Chinese New Year. He has openly declared his intention to stand for election. However his arrogant attitude has offended quite a number of people both inside and outside the party. He might just fail himself.

There are two personalities eyeing for Tawau area. They are former senator, Datuk Dr Charlie Chang and Datuk Thien Kok Poh. Charlie Chang has stood for election many times but failed every time. He was with BERJAYA before joining MCA. Due to his 'loyalty' he was made senator for one term.

However, intense party politicking splitted Tawau MCA into two factions. Charlie represents the older generation while Thien considered himself as new blood. Charlie Chang has been busy with his various government projects and was away from Tawau for quite sometimes.

Thien meanwhile was regarded by the socieity as the trouble maker. He bought himself into Tawau Hakka Association for a term and was booted out. He then pushed him way into Tawau Chinese Chamber of Commberce aiming for the presidency. His team lost, but was later made the deputy president after the President Datuk Kho Chung Seng retired. He also negotiated his way into MCA by becoming the Semporna Division Chairman and Youth Leader.

Thien's colourful background, an Indonesian, illegal logging, womaniser and questionable datukship have made him not possible to achieve his political dreams.

Interestingly, Chinese based parties in Sabah are more inclined toward tinted personalities as their candidates. As if good man are all taken.

Do we still have better choice?

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