Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Chong Kah Kiat - Shut Up and Start Working!

Congratulations to Sabah Barisan Nasional under the leadership of Datuk Seri Musa Aman which swept almost all but one parliamentary and state seat. While everyone is celebrating their victories, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) levelled accusations at other component parties, obviously Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), for causing the defeat of LDP Deputy President, Datuk Lau Ngan Siew.

Chong was quoted as saying God would know if anyone back stab LDP candidates. Chong said God would punish those who went against LDP. Such call is similar to those made by PAS leaders who promised heaven as reward in voting them. Apparent the people do not believe PAS' heaven. The people in Sabah too, do not believe that God is siding Chong or LDP.

There is no surprise as it is Chong's style all along who does not looking into himself. Chong, being a very self centered person never once admitted his own mistakes. He has the whole world to blame but himself.

The BN candidate for Sandakan Parliament Datuk Lau's defeat was long predicted. He sat on many living time bombs which exploded on the 21 March 2004.

1. Cronism
Chong Kah Kiat practices cronism which has lighted internal flame awaiting for the right time to explode. The appointment of her sister, Naomi Chong as the Wanita Chief and later made a senator did not go down well with the members.

Noami's husband, Lee Chuan Wan, was made a datuk when Chong was the Chief Minister also gave rise to dissatisfaction. Lee was wide known as a non-contributing member although he is the party vice president.

Government projects, perks and other benefits were also given to family members or friends closely related to Chong.

2. Dictatorship
Chong's style of running the party is no different from a dictator. There is hardly any opposition in the party. He doesn't even take suggestion from others, leave alone critics. Meetings are always turned into briefing sessions. Chong is the only one speaking while the rest are mere 'rubber stamp'.

Chong does not appreciate talents for fear of being toppled. He keeps a lot of blind followers and apple polishers around him. He listens more to his gossip mongers rathan his own party leaders.

Datuk Kong Hon Ming who got more popular than Chong at one time was sacked and made the party's number one enemy. Kong's name was mentioned each year during the party congress without fail.

3. Private Negotations
Till now Chong has not openly denied accusations that he benefited personally from the Kepayan and Merotai seats. LDP was originally offered the Kepayan seat but exchanged it with MCA for Merotai. The public was informed through various sources that Chong pocketed a huge amount of cash from both Kepayan and Merotai candidate.

It is not wild accusations but understandable of Chong's practice. He also benefitted from the Kota Kinabalu Car Park which saw his reluctance in making changes. His last minute stunt in renewing the Kota Kinabalu Mayor before stepping down was also questionable.

4. Chinese Interests
The majority of Chinese in Sabah believe that Chong does not favour issues affecting the community. His stand on Chinese not suitable being a Chief Minister, non-commitment of teaching of Mathematics and Science in English, Kolombong land for Chinese school and many more has caused the Chinese to turn away from LDP.

In comparison the SAPP and even PBS have done more for the Chinese community than LDP.

5. Malay Interests
The Ops Nyiah II has affected many local Malays. Chong's strong stand in tearing down illegal houses, believed to be erected by illegal immigrants, has brought about revenge during the recently concluded general election.

Chong's eagerness in showing the Federal Government that he was different from the rest of the former CMs was not well accepted especially the Malays. He received opposition even from the Malays in his own area.

Chong has openly and repeatedly blamed SAPP for many issues affecting the party namely Kolombong land, Kota Kinabalu Car Park, distributing of poison pen letter, 4D Licenses and many more.

Struggling in protecting his already damaged image, Chong's explanations raised more questions than answers. Desperate, he asked his fellow party members to help defend his image but few took heed.

Many LDP members were seen openly supporting the signature campaign launched to seek pardon for SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee so that he could take part in the recent election.

7. Chong's Personality
Chong is one of the most arrogant, snobish and unfriendly party president. The way he fooled his members and the public has brought him tremendous side effects. His bad mouthing others also offended many.

The question is why Chong was not defeated instead of Lau Ngan Siew? The answer is simple, the rest of the areas where LDP men contested did not offer a better choice. The Deputy President Lau has to take take all the blames for Chong's wrongs. He was just an unfortunate victim. Probably he should just quit LDP and retire.

This is the law of karma, the law of cause and effect. Chong says he is a strong believer of Buddhism. He should check his cause first before blaming on others.

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