Tuesday, March 02, 2004

UMNO - Win Now, Lose Later

All Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties, except UMNO, were dissatisfied with the seats allocation reported. The allocation was finalised between Prime Minister and Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman, last week.

UMNO leaders have called for patience among their BN partners and requested them to steps to lessen the disappointment among members over the allocation of seats for the upcoming election.

Although they had asked for more seats and had hoped that their requests would be granted, some have begun to go down to the grassroots to explain the need to abide by any decision made by the BN.

Despite what was reported, few believe the BN component leaders would actually speak to their supporters and doubt if the members would accept. The allocation laid in front of them is too much for them to accept, no matter what spirit they are subcribe too.

UMNO is seen as too greedy by grabbing 33 out of 60 of the state seats, leaving 27 to be divided among PBS, UPKO, SAPP, LDP and PBRS. MCA, Gerakan and MIC were left in the cold.

UMNO also took 13 out of 25 parliamentary seats. The rest were left to UPKO, PBS, SAPP, LDP, PBRS and MCA.

It does not need a political analysist to point out that the distribution was anywhere near fairness. UMNO being the big brother has taken what they want and not they supposed to. It is like taking away a big part of the cake and leaving little for the hungry lot to share (starve).

The BN leadership had been urging component parties to abide by the decision on the seat allocation. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that it was the time to show their loyalty to the BN and look towards the future with the coalition. "Politics is a long journey, not a 100-metre dash and in this long journey, a loyal friend is a valuable ally to the BN," he said.

However, the true spirit of Barisan Nasional starts with the sincerity in division of seats and not take what you want and force the rest to accept in view of the BN spirit. Seats could never be distributed fairly but the present allocation could have been better.

It is not difficult to understand why UMNO is so greedy in grabbing the seats. UMNO established in Sabah through back door by fishing on political frogs who have betrayed their supporters. They now have to be prepared for the possible polical frogs in the coming election. They have no choice but to make sure they have more than the total of the rest of the components could get. The ghost of the past is still haunting them. The thief is always scared to be robbed.

The allocation of seats is also an indication of how government projects, cabinet posts and other benefits would be divided among the component parties. Smaller or weaker parties would have practically nothing to survive on and nothing to convince their members in upholding the BN spirit. They would soon die of natural death.

UMNO, might have won now but will eventually lose no matter what excuse they come up with. The seats allocation have shown UMNO's true colour. The opposition parties will now practice open door system to invite frustrated BN leaders into their arms. The rakyat is reminded once again.

The minority has made their decision, not in a democratic way. The majority, namely the voters, will then make their decision, in a more democratic way, on polling day.

We will just wait and see. God bless Sabah. God bless Malaysia.

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