Thursday, March 04, 2004

God Knows

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat is desperate. After failing in fighting for more seats for his party. He is facing more trouble, now in his home town.

Datuk Wong Phin Chung has indicated that he would stand as an independent candidate against Chong in Tanjung Kapor. Unhappy Datuk Kong Hon Ming was said to have resigned from Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) to face Chong as another independent. UMNO members too were disappointed with Chong.

Chong is also facing problem in his own party. He was trying to fill his brother-in-law, Datuk Lee Chuan Wan in Kepayan instead of Datuk YC Lau. A move which clearly benefits only his own family members is strongly opposed by his party members. Judging from his previous move in promoting cronism in party positions and political appointments, it would not be a surprise for Chong to push for Lee instead of YC Lau.

His failure in getting any Chinese seats in Tawau also disappoints many Datuks in the area. The wind of disatisfaction is blowing strongly in LDP. He also cancelled a few function after receiving news that LDP was not allocated any seats in Tawau.

When cornered by reporters about these troubles, Chong said if there are people who back stab him, God will know. However he forgot to mention that God also knows what Chong has done to his party members and the people of Sabah. God will be fair to Chong as well as to anyone else.

Meanwhile Kong Hon Ming was said to convince Wong Phin Chung to withdraw so that Kong could face Chong one on one. Kong would like to clear his name after being a bashing goat for so many LDP function for being a betrayal. Should the battle of Chong - Kong materialise, Chong would be fighting an uphill task.

Chong is also having trouble in getting support from SAPP members due to his strong rivalry with Datuk Yong Teck Lee. Yong has openly called his members to vote for their favourite candidates, indicating clearly that they would not necessarily support BN candidate. Disappointed UMNO members who have lodge complaints on Chong too will reduce Chong's chance for victory.

God knows if Chong Kah Kiat could still win this time.

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