Saturday, March 20, 2004

Vote For The CANDIDATE, not the party

Time to decide for our future coming this Sunday. Who to vote? Good credible candidates campaign with their track of records. Politically unknowns and opportunists hide behind the track of records of others and ask voters to vote for the party irrespective of the candidates.

Are we to fall for the tricks? Here is the simple rule. Take for example a car and a driver.

A good car gives comfort and confidence to its passengers. A bad car might caused delay. However, no matter how good the car is, it is worthless if the wrong driver is chosen. Majority of road accidents are caused by careless, irresponsible and impatient drivers. Similar scenario apply for the political sceen here.

So dear fellow Malaysians and Sabahans, go for the DRIVER instead of the car. If both the driver and the car are good then it is a bonus.

Vote for the CANDIDATE,

not the Party

Happy Voting.

God Bless Sabah. God Bless Malaysia.

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